Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Lost Sippy Cup

We are never sure how it happens exactly but one day the pungent smell hits you right in the face.  At first you are uncertain what it could be; maybe the toddler needs their pull up changed, did the 8 year old fart?  Something smells... off.  Then the days go on, your schedule get busier and busier and the smell begins to grow and cling to every soft surface.  It doesn't take too long until you've had enough and after driving your 10 year old to hockey you start going through your van play a game of "find that smell".  You frantically sift through 3 sweaters, 5 left handed gloves, a small stack of too small pull ups (just in case), discarded french fries, crushed up crackers and the odd sock when you glance under the front drivers seat.  Pulling out a wad of flyers from 2 weeks ago, you push past a couple empty Tim Hortons cups and a hard Tim bit to discover a sippy cup.  Pulling out the blue and green sippy cup you examine it, it looks harmless as you turn it over in your hands.  You check it for any sign of what could be inside.  Could this be the source of the foul smell that has permeated your beloved mom-mobile? Slowly you bring your nose closer to the object and take one quick whiff.  Instantly your nostrils fill with the smell of fermented milk. Coughing you start to debate if its worth trying to disinfect or if you would be better off just throwing it away and buying a new one.  Its a quick decision, the cup goes in the garbage can that is sitting out side the arena and you head inside promising yourself that you will be teaching your smallest to start using a real cup. 

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