Wednesday, October 9, 2019


How do we really know when we are truly successful?  Is it measured by how much money you have? If you own a house, new cars? Does having a lot of friends mean you are more successful then some one that only has a couple? Does success mean you have a high power job or own your own business? Or are you successful when you're happy and content with your life?  
Currently I'm struggling with my level of success.  I don't own a home or have a brand new car but I feel content and happy with the things I have.  I have 3 little boys that love me so much and are always telling me just how much.  I have a boyfriend that embraces me and my imperfections.  I have a life that I've always wanted and busted my ass to get but I haven't hit those milestones that people are quick to say have made them successful so does that mean that, even though I love where I am in my life, I'm not as successful as those that have those things?
I get told a lot that after being with my boyfriend for 12 years we should just get married as if its , another thing to check off this list of things that people need to accomplish that equals success but that's not something I need to feel successful I have 12 years and a whole lot of things we have overcome in those 12 years which I see as more successful then being married.  
I live in a house that I have made a home for my boys and I and just because I don't own it doesn't mean that I am any less successful then anyone that owns their own home.
I feel like, with many things in life, we need to accept and embrace everyone's own definition of success and stop with the check lists.  If people are happy that should be all we need to determine if they are successful and be proud of them for that.  That being said I feel successful and I'm proud of my life and everything I have.    

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