Sunday, October 6, 2019

just a story

I remember in my early 20's I went to a bar for Halloween.  I took dressed in a typical Halloween costume for a girl in her early 20's, school girl.  I was wearing a white button up shirt, a plaid short skirt, knee high socks and some ugly black shoes.  I went to a bar with a couple friends, it was freezing so I wore a pair of jogging pants under my skirt which I took off down the block from the bar and stuffed into my fuzzy pink backpack type purse. which was big enough to hold my pants, wallet and camera.  I had a great night dancing and laughing. We were at a gay bar and I felt safe surrounded by so many accepting people.  The laughter and freedom to be myself flowed.  It was a great night, until the bar closed.  We ended up losing one of our friends to a group of new friends that he 'had to' continue the party with so it was just myself and one of my female friends outside the bar trying to figure out what we were going to do next.  We were high on the fun and excitement we just left and weren't ready to go home and crash yet so we decided to go eat. 
Now this sounds like an awesome night and it was up until we were stopped just down the street from the bar when 2 young guys stopped us and asked us to go home with them.  we politely told them no thanks and tried to continue on to eat when they followed us calling us bitched and threatening to rape us.  We were terrified.  Eventually  we managed to lose them and we made it to a restaurant to grab some food at this point we were no longer high on the excitement and fun of the night we just had and we ate in silence.  I went to the bathroom and put my pants back on, threw out my skirt and knee high socks somehow making them the reason those guys harassed us and threatened to rape us.  To this day I barely remember how we got home and I have a hard time looking at the pictures from that night without getting a sinking feeling and remembering those guys.  
I'm not too sure why I felt the need to share this story other then to let other women know that they aren't the only ones and that its NOT ok.  

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