Saturday, June 8, 2019

Work Work Work

   Now that I'm back in the workforce after being a stay at home mom for almost 11 years is HARD. I'm really struggling with finding comfort and balance in my position.

   I struggle with feeling like I'm somehow screwing everything up at home and at work.  I when I'm at home I worry that I'm not spending enough time with my family and at work I feel like I'm always screwing up.  I cant help but wonder if I'm even in the right field.  I keep telling myself that at some point everything will feel right but until then I'm really struggling with my comfort level.

   I've been having a hard time accepting just how hard it is to not be there for everything with my boys.  Today I missed my littlest boys very first lacrosse goal and my oldest boys lacrosse game.  This has to be the hardest part of being back at work.  I've gone from being there for everything to missing so much in such a short time. 

   I'm sure that I will find a balance and comfort at some point but I know that I also need to make some changes to make this happen.  My boys at the end of the day are my EVERYTHING and matter more to me then anything and being there for them is what takes priority to me.

   What is something that you struggled with while working? Did you eventually find a way to make things work for you better? Leave your response in the comments below.

Until next time,