Saturday, May 25, 2019

Im Back.

I'm Back!
I took a little break from blogging to get myself back on track and now I feel like I'm in the right place to get back into blogging.

When I stopped writing I noticed myself in a downward spiral and I needed to take time let myself have those feelings and then build myself back up and now, I'm a working mom.  I got a job working in the field I was trained for many many moons ago, before my little terrors came along. Its still a little difficult going to work and leaving my baby (who is now 4) home with his daddy but I know he is well taken care of which is the only thing that makes it easier.

I'm getting back to take care of my physical health now that my mental health is in a good place. Its hard though after struggling for so long to get back to eating properly and exercising.  I'm doing better with eating proper portions and better food but I still struggle to get regular exercise.  Now that I'm doing shift work 5 days a week I've put exercise at the very bottom of the list after self care, time with my family and sleep. I really miss my kickboxing class however it no longer exists but I'm going to look into a new class to take sometime soon.

I could really use some suggestions of activities or exercises to try out so please leave a comment telling me your favourite exercise or activity that you would like to try?

Until Next Time