Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Whats wrong with leggings and yoga pants anyway?

Over the weekend I somehow came up with the insane idea that I need proper jeans to look more like a 'real mom' or a 'serious adult' so I set a budget for myself of $40 which tells you how delusional I was when this idea popped into my head.

Off I drove to Old Navy and after talking myself out of all the yoga pants and workout capris with the soft fabric and stretchy waistband I sauntered over to the wall of jeans.  Now I'm a size 18 tall which is almost impossible to find online let alone in-store AND trying to stay in my ridiculously low budget so I'm down on my knees rifling through the mountains of size 6, 10, 14.  Only a few sightings of size 18 short or 18 regular but not a single 18 tall until I reach the bitter end I find one lone pair of size 18 tall jeans so I go ahead and look at the price tag to find that it takes about 85% of my budget :(.  After a little pep talk and recalculating (maybe we don't need groceries this week, kids can survive on water, bologna, and crackers right?) I'm back in the game.
I stand up to take a real good look at my new found 'these-have-to-be-good-because-I-don't-fit-in-any other-ones' jeans to find that there are rips and holes in them to make them more 'trendy' UGH. I live in Alberta and the weather is turning cold and I'm about to spend all my free time in an arena, I DO NOT want my clothing to have holes in it.  I will end up freezing my ass off, and my ass finally has the right amount of fat to keep me comfortable in the stands at the arena I'm not ready to lose that, so back in the pile they go.  It's at this moment that I decide that jeans are the devil and leggings and yoga pants are my BFF. 

Besides if yoga pants, messy hair, and a stained shirt don't scream mom, what does?        

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