Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My TOP 5 ways to avoid losing my sh*t

Its supper time, my boys are fighting and screaming at each other, the smallest one is running around the kitchen yelling 'I POOPED ON THE TOILET' with his bare ass hanging out, a pot is boiling over and I still have 2 more things throw in the oven but I am STRESSED THE HELL OUT.
I've read a lot of blogs that give tips on how to destress and as much as I appreciate them sharing what works for them I don't find them as helpful as I would like so I'm going to share what I do these days.

1.) YELL:  When my littlest gets mad at me he just yells and after a while, I'm ready to go crazy so I've taken to just mimicking him.  I let him go crazy first then I'll just copy him which end with us having a yelling contest and then fits of giggles. WARNING If your child is sensitive to being teased DONT do this, my oldest son never found it funny so we never did it with him.

2.) Scribble: This is a good one.  When I'm angry I need to get the anger out, as a child I took to hitting things however as an adult with children watching I feel like punching things sets a bad example so instead I grab a pen or marker and scribble the hell out of a piece of paper.  Its not easy on them so I only use whatever is cheapest but MY GOD it feels so good plus its an activity I can do with my kids.

3.) Rage Clean: Don't all moms do this? Usually, I get angry and then when I go in our kitchen or my bedroom (the 2 messiest rooms in the house) I just lose it and the family avoids me so I just curse to my self and get the cleaning done which makes me feel much better.

4.)Rip paper: There is something satisfying about just ripping up a piece of paper, the sound relaxes me and it feels great when I write something on it that is making me angry.

5.) Working out: I'm not going to talk about the benefits of exercise, we all know its good for you most of us just don't want to do it.  When I'm about to lose my mind I like to go do a workout or something that works my muscles and makes them sore.  Sore muscles make me feel like I've fought whatever is driving me nuts.  My boyfriend bought me a little punching bag thing that I love beating the hell out of, it gets my anger out and my muscles are sore as hell.

Now I don't know if these would be helpful to anyone else but if they are let me know.  Sometimes the best thing we can do is step outside of the box and try something new.  I know that when it comes to stress, anger, frustration my aggression is what I need to address so I found things that I can funnel my aggression into and this is what has worked for me. 

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  1. Hahaha!!! I didn’t know anyone else did ‘rage cleaning’!! Love it! These are good tips mama!