Saturday, August 11, 2018

All I do is clean, clean, clean

Yesterday the heat was insanely unbearable so the boys and I laid around in my room with all the fans going watching movies. It was a nice way to spend a hot as hell day, however, since I did no cleaning yesterday it looks like the worlds biggest mess bomb went off.  This post is just one way of avoiding the mess that sits before me. 

Last week I had that major lightbulb moment of 'OMG my meds are working.'  I had the house clean, I had been making more than sandwiches for supper and I was going to the gym. The pride I was feeling was amazing.  Now fast forward to today and the massive mess my boys had made in 1 day has knocked my energy and pride down a peg. 

I knew that having kids meant there would be little to no time with a clean house but I had hoped that as my sons got older they would be able to clean up after themselves even just a little.  I am stubborn as hell and as much as my children like to think they are more stubborn then I am they are very wrong and I am determined to raise kids that grow into adults who know how to clean up their houses and just, in general, take care of themselves.  For now, they will clean while I stay on their case because I love them, they are kids and let's be honest cleaning sucks. 

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