Sunday, July 29, 2018

Who and what the hell is this?

Welcome to my little spot on the internet.  I'm Christal a mom of 3 boys I'm in my 30's, blah blah freaking blah blah.  I know, great another mommy blogger,  which is sort of true I am a mom and I'm on my millionth try as a blogger but this time around I honestly want to drop the shit of trying to be a perky mom that posts fantastic recipes or rainy day activities you can do with your kids for hours.  THAT'S NOT ME. There is nothing wrong with those kinds of moms, I love those kinds of moms please invite my kids over on rainy days so they can get out of my hair and I can try to scrub the pee smell out of my bathroom floor.  I'm more the kind of mom who looks around the kitchen notices the Christmas wrapping paper draped over the dining room table, random sticky spot by the pantry and the naked 3-year-old staring at the artwork he created on my hallway wall last night and I just grab my coffee and walk past it all. 
I'm an exhausted mom, like most.  I'm struggling, pretty hard to be honest, with my anxiety, depression, and PTSD right now and part of my self-care is to, sometimes, just ignore the chaos.  every day I tell myself, many times throughout the day actually, that I am a human, I am flawed, I have feelings and I need to take care of me and somedays taking care of me sometimes looks like being a shitty mom and letting my kids watch Teen Titans Go all day and throwing granola bars at them for snacks because I honestly cannot get out of bed and THAT'S OK. My kids are not starving, they aren't setting themselves, each other or things on fire. 

A couple of my goals for this blog are to share my experiences as a mom, a mom of boys, a mom struggling with lifelong mental health issues and hopefully show other mommas out there that hey we are people. Sometimes our kids get mad at us and take a piss in the sub pump (yup that actually happened).  Its ok to just lay in bed all day while pretending to ignore that its the 3rd day in a row your child is wearing the same shirt (my middle son tries his damnest to never get changed, he's gross).
Life is messy, depressing and hard but it doesn't have to be lonely.
   I hope you join me and can maybe find something you can relate to. 

Feel free to comment and leave a message telling me what kind of mom you are, what part of you being a normal flawed human do you struggle with most or just say hey. I'm so excited to start on this journey of building my blog and hopefully connecting with other people.

your new friend,